5 New Interior Design Trends to Update Your Home

A house is a place where everyone does activities with his family. Some of them want a comfortable home. For this reason, some people make their homes as good as possible, because in addition to being a home shelter it is also used to rest so that the brain is refreshed when tired at work. Today the design of making home interiors is diverse. The goal is that homeowners get a better atmosphere without having to leave home. Here are 5 trends in home interior design so that the house has a fresh atmosphere.

1. Wallpapers that are Wow

More than a few decades under the wallpaper can change the new atmosphere in the room at this time. The texture and pattern on the wall will give the wall more fashionability. In addition, it will indirectly change the point of view in the room.

2. Color of Ice Cream

Eskrim color is a blend of colors that tend to be soft. Most colors of ice cream are not far from the color characters that are liked by children. This causes the room to be nuanced softly and will immediately refresh the brain when it is experiencing stress

3. Pictures of Animals and Plants

Pouring pictures of animals and plants in the interior of the house such as chairs, table mats and others will indirectly make the room look more fashionable. But do not be terrible animals but beautiful animals like butterflies, beetles and other garden animals. Whereas plants are better plants that are in the garden that are inserted or leaves. In essence this is aimed at bringing the atmosphere of the park into the room in the form of pictures.

4. Tropical Touch

In this section it’s actually not far from wallpaper. If the wallpaper is patterned paper that is played on the wall, a tropical touch more directly plays with paint on the wall. So the wall in the picture uses paint with images related to a tropical touch. For example pictures of tropical plants and all things related to the tropics.

5. Greening with House Plants

The purpose of greening with house plants is to bring some plants into a room. The intended plant is not a large plant but a house plant that can be inserted into a vase. The goal is the same as some of the points above, but this system is more real, truly native plants that are used to decorate the room.

The following points can make your room more beautiful and cool version of Rhino. Hopefully it can help to beautify your home.

Car AC maintenance is simple but important

Air Conditioner (AC) is an important part of the car that needs attention. Functionally, AC has a duty as an air conditioner to provide comfort to passengers when driving. It is said that it is important besides being air conditioned, it can also function to remove dew when the weather is raining.

To maintain quality so that the air conditioner continues to function optimally, regular maintenance is needed. You can do this treatment in an AC workshop that suits you, but driving habits or behavior can also affect the quality of the air conditioner. For example when you turn off the engine and keep the AC on. This is simple but often the motorists don’t pay attention to it. As a result it can damage the Alternator and the ACCU battery will run out. Why is that? because when the car’s engine is turned off and the AC is still on, the load will be transferred to ACCU so that ACCU’s load will be heavier because it operates the compressor and AC blower.

It is better to turn on and turn off the air conditioner as needed. When the car engine is on, where your AC is turned on and immediately turn off the air conditioner when you turn off your car engine. Besides that, every 10,000 km you always change the cabin filter. So that the AC stays healthy and works optimally.