First Podium in 2019 season for Vinales

This is the start for Maverick Vinales in the Championship MotoGp World 2019. Since the start of this season, Rossi’s teammates have not shown good performances. But this time at Jerez he showed a remarkable performance until he finally got the podium for the first time in this 2019 season.

Vinales (Energy Monster Yamaha MotoGP) said that he was very happy with the results of the race at Jerez. This track has been championed by Vinales for years and on the podium this time was like a victory for him.

Partner Rossi said that he was doing something different from his bike. He would be more consistent with this good condition and would always get a podium in the next race. Yamaha drivers must work hard for their success. Two Ducati Dovizioso and Petruci put pressure during the closing stages. In such a way that ViƱales was forced to set the best round in the last round.

“Not surprisingly, he admitted it was unpleasant to see when he saw two red dragons exhaling on his neck:” It was really difficult because I saw Dovi and Petrux, they were together, and I thought ‘woah’. I knew Dovi would push because I think he wants to finish ahead of Petrux, so it will be difficult. I just tried to make my best round, my best sector. Honestly, it was very difficult because I only had a few tires left. I don’t know if I can do another round like my last one. “

In the future, Yamaha manufacturers will continue to be improved and continue to be developed. Vinales felt that the M1 was not optimal for him at this time. There is no relaxing time for us. We are still a few steps behind our competitors for that we need to work hard.

“Le Mans is a track that I really like, I always get the best results in my career there, so it’s a good track to come back to. I really enjoyed being there, but I just hope the weather will help us. ” The statement was said confidently by Vinales. Le Mans is one of the tracks that he likes and he hopes the weather is favorable during the race later.

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