Pedrosa Returns at the Race Track

Pedrosa was a Spanish racing driver born on September 29, 1985. He underwent his career as a driver for approximately 18 years. Until now he has declared self-retirement from MotoGP.

Being in the Repsol Honda Team, a Pedrosa gets a lot of experience. The race style that he has is enough to make other riders difficult to guess. Unfortunately, only with Honda and he said he had quit MotoGP last season. But shortly afterwards he again accepted an offer to become the KTM Test Rider. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked yet because Pedrosa is still injured in his collarbone.

KTM did not force Pedrosa to immediately test RC16. This is because Pedrosa’s injury is still not completely healed. Pedrosa himself claimed that he could not wait to go back to the race track. In addition, he also visited KTM headquarters several times in Mattighofen, Austria.

Pedrosa’s former crew chief at Repsol Honda also stated that the role of Pedrosa and Kallio would be very important in developing RC16 this year, as well as helping the four KTM riders more consistently penetrate the top 10 positions.

“Last year, trying to enter the top 10 was far more difficult than 2017. This year will also be difficult, and the situation will not be easier for us. But, we cannot worry if the results of this year are similar to 2018. We will continue to work hard to achieve progress this season, “said Leitner.

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