Qatar Grand Prix Winner Becomes the third most successful Italian racer

After the victory at Qatar Grand Prix Andrea Dovizioso won the title of Italian racer who achieved success after the two previous drivers namely Agostini and Rossi. Dovizioso (Mission Winnow Ducati) was able to equalize with Max Biagi 13 first class wins.

In response to this Mission Winnow Ducati driver revealed in an interview “I’m so happy.” The strategy was clear for me and really good, “began the Ducati rider, who launched from P2 off the line to lead into the first corner – the much -talked-about the Desmosedici ‘holeshot device’ working to good effect”

“I stopped Rins every time because he wanted to be faster too soon, and that was bad for the tire and I was right,” continued the Italian. “Stop him every time, fortunately I have more power on the straight. I lost a little bit of time because I was able to overtake him every time and stop and he continued to save the song, that was the key to try. and put Marc on the limit in the last few laps. And that was the key, I’m so happy I was able to do that. “

Dovi feels happy with the results he achieved. This he felt since running P2. Dovi revealed the Desmosedici ‘holeshot device ‘worked well and resulted in him always leading the first corner.

When given a question about last season’s performance at Losail Qatar about the duel between Dovi and Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) the Ducati racer has a very interesting answer.
“It was good because it helped me to understand the situation on the rear tire,” said the rider, explaining the situation when Marquez overtook him. “I stayed at the front for the entire race so I could not know the positive and negative parts. My strategy was clear, I had to overtake him immediately, push because he didn’t really have the same speed as me and that’s why I was able to win”

“He was able to try again in the last corner, and he was so good with that. But in the end he did a mistake. Only Marc is that situation is thinking about overtaking riders, all other riders – no. So I did a perfect lap to put it on the limit, but because it is like this”

“It was different. I didn’t expect him to enter the last corner. But I was like, a dummy, and I had to release the brake because he could hit me. So that was the key and sure he was too fast to stop the bike. So we were very close to the end of it on the exit. The last year he was able to brake was good, so good and the bike stopped, last year I was closer when I changed the line. This year the exit was easier”

Dovi explained that many drivers were fast but according to him only Marc had a racing style about overtaking and overtaking. But in this situation the Ducati rider did not have any doubts in the race because according to him the conditions like last season were very beneficial for him. Dovi thinks he is in the right position or line so he will overtake and head to the front line.

Then dovi was again asked whether this season would be a title race with Marc Marquez?

“I hope but I don’t think it will be like this. “I would like it to be harder this year for everybody.”

As always the warm answer emerged from the Ducati 04 driver’s mouth. then how about Argentina? on the circuit that Ducati fought for?

“Yes, I think we will struggle in the next two rounds and we will be too slow. We are too slow . We are better in other parts for sure but it depends on the track and the tires during the weekend. “

Dovi revealed that he would continue to fight well and pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and tires to be used.