Car AC maintenance is simple but important

Air Conditioner (AC) is an important part of the car that needs attention. Functionally, AC has a duty as an air conditioner to provide comfort to passengers when driving. It is said that it is important besides being air conditioned, it can also function to remove dew when the weather is raining.

To maintain quality so that the air conditioner continues to function optimally, regular maintenance is needed. You can do this treatment in an AC workshop that suits you, but driving habits or behavior can also affect the quality of the air conditioner. For example when you turn off the engine and keep the AC on. This is simple but often the motorists don’t pay attention to it. As a result it can damage the Alternator and the ACCU battery will run out. Why is that? because when the car’s engine is turned off and the AC is still on, the load will be transferred to ACCU so that ACCU’s load will be heavier because it operates the compressor and AC blower.

It is better to turn on and turn off the air conditioner as needed. When the car engine is on, where your AC is turned on and immediately turn off the air conditioner when you turn off your car engine. Besides that, every 10,000 km you always change the cabin filter. So that the AC stays healthy and works optimally.