Rossi returns to the Podium at Termas de Rio Hondo

Three days ago there was a prestigious MotoGP race. Again presented a battle between reliable riders. On the results of yesterday’s MotoGP race Rossi returned to the podium, after all this time he was not in the front position. Yesterday’s race tended not to involve Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) because from the start, Marquez led the way and was hardly overtaken by other rider.

Based on the results of the interview after the race, Marquez stated that he had been prepared under any circumstances since FP 1. During the race he always tried to push and push his bike on every lap. He found a very good feeling on his bike at this week’s race. It is clear that Marquez is very comfortable with the bike and his preparations. But the fierce race is in the 2nd position behind. The race involved Rossi, Dovizioso, Morbidelli, Vinales, Petruci and Crutchlow. Chasing each other takes place since the start of the match. Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda Castrol) had a very good performance at that time but he could not finish the race well due to a penalty jumping start. Finally he fell very far away.

Dovizioso plays very safe here. Maybe he only secured points because he knew for certain that Ducati could not be forced on the Termas de Rio Hondo. Based on the results of the interview after the race, Dovi stated that this had fulfilled the set target and he was very satisfied to get possession 3. Similarly, Rossi (Energy Monster Yamaha Motogp) played very safe in Argentina. He always overshadows Dovi and stays calm. At the end of the final lap Rossi was very good at taking advantage of the moment so he could overtake Dovi to finish. Rossi started that he and the team were very happy because they had not felt the podium in Argentina for a long time. He had understood his condition and his motorcycle since FP 1 and finally he tried to fight on the last lap with Dovi and his contents were very satisfying.

Vinales (Energy Monster Yamaha Motogp) and Morbidelli (Petronas Yamaha SRT) experienced an unfortunate incident. As a result they both had an accident on the last lap. Both of them understand each other. Morbidelli admits that he is wrong with some of his arguments while vinales consider this to be a race and this is called an ordinary incident in a race. Vinales hoped there would be no injury to him and also did’nt repeat again in the next race.

Marc Marquez on Pole Position and Rossi had to Settle for 4th Place

A series of exercises and qualifications were held a few days ago. The first and second free training became the beginning of the battle between the MotoGP racers. In the first and second free training until the qualification of the bright Termas de Hondo Rio cloudy circuit has a air temperature of 21,6’C and a ground temperature of 21,6’C. This can be a reference for racers to use tires so that the performance is more optimal.

Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) felt very good from the start of free training to finally get the leading position in Saturday’s qualifier. Then followed by Yamaha racer Maverick Vinales. Vinales are less than the first and second free practice. However in qualifying Vinales get better results.

Likewise with Rossi, he must be satisfied with the results of fourth place qualification. Unlike Vinales who uses soft tires in qualifications. Rossi prefers to use hard and medium tires. The Doctor hopes to get good weather and track temperature just like during free practice and qualification.

Andrea Dovisiozo in third place. He feels very comfortable from the start of free practice. Besides that, the Italian felt they could beat Marc in this week’s race. Dovi said that it was not only Honda’s Honda driver who was worried but Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda Castrol) was one of the strong candidates who would compete in this week’s race.

In FP4 there are 4 racers who look very striking. Among other things, Marquez, Crutchlow, Rossi and Miller. Meraka appeared most appearing in a series of exercises to qualifications that had taken place starting last Friday. Even though Crutchlow and Miller were not in the forefront, they greatly dominated the race. Chances are they will be able to compete in this week’s Race.

Who is the next winner is still a mystery this week. Many things and possibilities that occur in the race. Accuracy and speed are the keys to victory in a motorcycle racing competition. Is Marquez the winner this time? Take part in MotoGP Race at Termas de Rio Hondo Argentina.

Lead up the Gran Premio Motul de la Republica Argentina

Today Friday March,29 2019 the Motogp World Championship is back. The second race is in Argentina and the rider are ready to face unexpected things in Argentina. The rider at the Thursday afternoon press conference involved racers including Qatar GP winner Andrea Dovizioso (Mission Winnow Ducati) joining Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team), Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda Castrol), Alex Rins (Team Suzuki Ecstar), Danillo Petrucci {Mission Winnow Ducati) and Valentino Rossi (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP)

Dovi has admitted that this circuit was very difficult for him and Ducati last season. However, the Italian driver will continue to struggle to get maximum results. Different from the responses of other drivers about the Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo. Marc Marquez considers that the circuit is very suitable for the style of his race. He said that we never knew what kind of condition this weekend would be, but he will be ready in any case .

Alex Rins (Suzuki Ecstar Team) is confident that he will be able to fight this week. Because he was very good at this circuit last season, plus a good performance in Qatar he was more confident in Argentina. Honda’s race partner Cal Crutchlow won last year’s Argentina GP hoping to repeat the feat last year. Even though he has a good racing record in Argentina, this circuit is not one of his favorite circuits. Instead Danillo Petrucci (Mission Winnow Ducati) said that the Termas de Rio Hondo was one of his favorite circuits but he did not have a good racing record there. he will always struggle to get better results.

The 9-time world champion Valentino Rossi has a good answer when responding to Termas de Rio Hondo. He said that in Argentina it was one of the most difficult rounds because of his condition. According to him the condition of the circuit and the weather must be balanced and he hopes to get a dry race this year.

Some opinions that have been conveyed by rider can open up an idea of ​​what the conditions are and the upcoming race. Certainly for now it cannot be predicted accurately. Because the conditions and weather in Argentina determine the victory in this race.

Dovizioso hopes to make “Best possible Start” in Argentina

The Ducati man factory only entered the top five in five visits in Argentina. This makes the team always try to be better in this season. Mission Winnow Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso towards the Argentinean Gran Premio Motul de la Republica this weekend is very confident that it will make “best possession start” for defeating Marc Marquez (Respol Honda Team) in a final duel in Qatar.

The current Moto GP championship leader does not allow himself and his factory team to be complacent. Because in South America the Desmosedici GP19 is not suitable for the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit.

Dovi said at the opening of the season “We started the world championship in the best way, with a victory in Qatar. But the madam is still long and experience has taught us that it will not disappoint”

“Our base is good, we work very well and at Losail can maximize our strength, especially in terms of top speed and acceleration, but we still improve performance in the middle of the corner”

Dovizioso struggled in Argentina since the Gran Prix race returned. The 33-year-old driver finished in the top five in five MotoGP visits, the result of five years ago. Dovi finished second after Valentino Rossi (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP)

In the upcoming weekend race, the Ducati factory said “Argentina and especially the race will be a good test for us and allow us to try to find a new solution. Our goal will be to get a podium, especially on the path where we will theoretically suffer, to fight degree to the end.

Being the second is no longer a destination for Ducati factory. They will be more serious in this season so that the events of the past season will not happen again. They had to stop a series of bad things in Argentina so they could keep competing 19 rounds on the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit.

Gran Premio Motul de la República Argentina

Argentina is famous for the Termas de Río Hondo Argentina circuit. Have lots of stories in the world of MotoGP racing. The circuit is located approximately 6km from the city that gave the name of the circuit in the province of Santiago del Estero. It was inaugurated on 11th of Mer 2008 and has an area of ​​around 150 hectares. Then over time this circuit experienced reconditioning, expansion and modernization in 2012. This was done with the aim of turning the circuit into a safer, more modern and best in Latin America.

Termas de Río Hondo Argentina is a circuit that has a length of 4.8 KM or 2.99 miles, bends 5 left and 9 right, width 16 m or 52.49 ft and a straight track around 1076 m. An amazing circuit criteria. Circular conditions like that encourage motogp racers to always explore to get optimal race performance. Some racers benefit from the long straight lane owned by the Termas de Río Hondo Argentine route such as ducati and honda.

Judging from the existing circuit record, Marc Marquez occupied the front position and was followed by Valentino Rossi. Marquez had the fastest time of 1’37,683 in 2014. Then Valentino Rossi with a record of 1’39,019 in 2015.

Here’s a little review of The Termas de Río Hondo circuit, who is the winner of this new season? Keep watching information on the MotoGP progress.