Improving Good Personality in the Digital World

Being a parent is one of the main factors forming a personality. Every parent would want the best for their child. They want their children to grow in happiness and success in life. But today the development of children is faced with the digital age. The digital age can be said to be two blades of blades which means that it will be very useful if it is true in appreciating and vice versa will be a disaster when wrongly appreciated.

Skills improvement, teamwork, communication and perseverance are important parts of a child’s development. A child generally builds communication at school but for now the media is one of the main points. Since films, TV shows, books, video games, and social media have become a big part of children’s lives, it makes them learn the character of it.

Parental guidance is an important point to maintain children’s development. When they use social media, parents should always watch him. Choosing a good program to watch will also make a good contribution to their children.

Watching sports
Showing sports shows to children is one of the most enjoyable activities. Besides have an fun, there are many things that can be learned from sports such as teamwork, discipline and perseverance. This can be instilled in children early.

Share Social Media
When children begin to age young parents should also guide and introduce social media. Not only introducing the good but teaching how to use it. From Facebook, Instagram and Youtube children will see a number of photo, video postings and surely they will respond. From here the task as parents directs their children by discussing the risks of the things they watch. Using social media also fosters the level of creativity of children.

Playing Video Games Together
Playing video games with family is one of the practices in the form of simple cooperation, problem solving, communication and perseverance. So here as parents do not always assume that playing games is just a waste of time and is a concern for children’s learning activities.